Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 577?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 577 😬

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The Achilles Heel of Spirituality – Old Garb Dressed in New Age Language

So there I was dressed in my rainbow coloured flowing skirt with my now shining halo hovering inches above my head smiling oh so sweetly at anyone and everyone as I overheard a comment “She has got lovely energy hasn’t she?” Were they alluding to me, in my newly acquired humbleness? Another role I was playing in my sojourn here to the Planet called Earth.

Factors That Enforce Divine Intervention 2

Divine intervention is the rescue operation from above that helps you to break through a difficult situation. This is the power of God that comes on the scene to change the story of your life to the enviable glory of your life.

The Faithful Minister Of God 2

To really become a faithful minister of God, a man or woman must take notice of the following important points and remember them always. The first point is very simple and it is the fact that you are not called to judge other ministers. You are called to be a player and not a referee, see Mathew 7: 1-5. This is very important because many ministers of God spend so much time and effort in criticising other ministers and ministries that they have no more time left for real ministry.

Awakening the Spiritual Self With Tarot

Through the tarot, we look into the deepest parts of ourselves to find the answers that were there all the time. They are not necessarily predictive but often turn out to be so. It is a way of going within that spiritual dimension to find out the truth of the path we are on at that time.

How Should People Respond to Challenging Sermons?

Some sermons made us feel good. Some sermons pointed out weaknesses in our personalities that we may have not wanted to face, but know we need to. Sermons like that are good for us from time to time. Then there are those sermons that hit us hard and really challenge us. Most of us do not like those kinds of sermons very much. How should we respond to them?

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