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Remembering to Never Forget

The more we can reflect on such things, what God went through to bring us our spiritual freedom, the more we redeem the practical competencies of virtue that lay forever unfathomable in a way that they cannot ever be exhausted. The more we reflect over Jesus’ sacrifice and what it means, the more we experience humility, thankfulness, compassion, awe, hope, etc.

The Christ of the Cross

The Christ of the cross is the answer for all our problems. The cross is the symbol of suffering. It is also the symbol of forgiveness. He nailed the law to the cross, taking it out of the way. By the law no one can be justified (Galatians 2:16). Only the blood of Jesus can forgive our sins. It is the symbol of peace. Jesus gives us peace with God and us. If we have this, we can cope with our physical problems.

The Game Of Life – How To Do It

This article explains how life is like a game that you must play. It explains the basic rules that you unknowingly accept and must abide by while you in a physical body engaged in an earthly life. I explain how the game begins before the fetus is conceived and how the choices made before physical birth affect life afterwards.

Creating a Sermon Series

If a guest minister or lay preacher only has to fill the pulpit from time to time, then each sermon might be independent of the others. But when a person becomes part of a pastoral leadership team and begins to preach on a more regular basis, then it at some point that individual will end up either preaching an entire sermon series or preach one sermon in a series that the rest of the team is helping to preach. Therefore, understanding the value of using a sermon series is important.

How to Deliver a Strong Sermon

Many sermons with good content are less effective than they could be because of poor delivery. Once the sermon is prepared, the preacher’s work is not yet complete. Additional effort must be expended to think of ways to deliver that sermon so that it catches the attention of the congregation. Though nothing can replace the power of the Holy Spirit, good rhetorical skills are important for effective preaching.

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