Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 584?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 584 😬

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We Are At War

Lack of understanding about our world is spreading confusion through the church and turning many people away from God. People do not come to church to find out how good they have it. They come to church to find out answers as to why bad things are happening to them.

Spiritual Protection – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

This is often a topic up for debate in spiritual circles. Should you protect yourself, or does the fear of what might be out there cause you to attract something, by protecting yourself? I am firmly of the belief that you should protect yourself.

10 Psychic Development Tips

Here are some tips that I have learned along the way that have helped me get to the point where I just don’t question my psychic ability anymore. Believe me it wasn’t always the case. PRACTICE It may sound really boring and simple but so many people want to be psychics, they don’t want to do the work to be a working psychic.

The Words of My Mouth – Open to Misinterpretation Series 3

I’ve heard a message on Sunday morning that moved me to tears and tore at my heart until I cried in repentance. Then, the following Wednesday, as I’m moving through my day, all of a sudden I’m confronted by a thought of condemnation about someone or there’s a phrase someone says that sets me off. Where does my mind go immediately?

How to Receive a Blessing From God

Well, just waking up above ground would be a start. There are many that do not have that pleasure this very fine day. God is so perfect and in God’s eye you are perfect as well. He knows that he never made anything that was not perfect in all shapes, and sounds. He blesses you daily.

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