Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 585?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 585 😬

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The Power of Silence and Appreciation (How to Jump Nodes Inwardly?)

Can we change how we feel instantly? Yes we can.

Catholic Women: Going on a Nun Run? Here Are Some Questions You’ll Want to Ask

Are you at that exciting time in your journey when you’re ready to go visit some religious communities? Do you know what to ask? Here’s some help for your journey…

Psalm 83 – God Saves the Faithful

We live in a way that appreciates justice and fairness; we don’t expect to be treated unfairly or unjustly, and when we see it occur it quickly wrangles us. We wonder why God doesn’t step in. Why does God allow suffering in our world? And why do good people seem to suffer the most?

Year of the Heart – Your Play Ethic and Trade

There is a decision we make about what we call work and what we call play. I have found the most difficult physical labor or recreation to feel like play, while the simplest office project could feel miserable. I have felt wonderful doing something completely for myself and felt miserable serving.

Who Has God Been Revealed To?

Isaiah’s suffering servant takes the world by surprise. Even those who would later believe did not expect such a humble Saviour. Can saviours be humble? Well, God’s Saviour of the world was, and is.

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