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Taking Fresh Spiritual Inventory

How often do we take stock? Meaning many things to many people, the term ‘taking inventory’ can mean: 1. Taking stock of our sins; 2. Reconciling recollection of our blessings; 3. Reviewing our lives; and, 4. Taking stock of our future prospects.

On Temptations and Spirituality

I grew up with the promise that I’ll abide in God no matter what the cost. At an early age, I learned to love Him and long for Him. It never occurred to me that things will change somehow.

Walk This Way: Choose The Spiritual Path

Coincidentally, I just finished reading two books, on entirely different subjects, that presented alternative scenarios of life on earth than the one in which we appear to be living. (By the way, they were both much better versions of earthly life today.) In their own way both books were saying, “Walk this way, and experience more of how life is supposed to be.

The Heart of the Soul

Within the deepest recesses of a soul is a core place that has been created by God the Father and that can only be accessed by Himself as the first Person of the Holy Trinity. At the very instance of our conception, that is right at the beginning of our cellular development as human beings, the aforementioned place within the soul beholds for a split-second the fullness of Life, Light, and Love Who Is its Creator: the Being of our Heavenly Father (St Andrews Productions, 2009). This process occurs before the said core in the soul itself becomes initially shut down through original sin, then subsequently re-closed by and through all the other sins that we commit after baptism if this has taken place.

Dangers Associated With Remote Viewing

There has been a buzz around the globe about the benefits that remote viewing provides us with. The factor that swells its significance is that it is being practiced since the inception of mankind. Initially, in its unrecognized form and then accepted scientific forms.

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