Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 587?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 587 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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5 Minute Activities to Keep Your Actions Spiritual Each Day

Six 5 minute activities that will keep you acting from the spiritual part of self throughout the day. They include forgiveness, strength of self, service to others, love, inner listening,and neutralizing negative experiences. They are easy to do and will change your day.

A Hidden Dark Dimension

Scientists believe that within our universe a strange mass and force, called dark matter and dark energy, exists. (Stick with me, the ending is awesome!)

In Stillness Find Peace

In stillness I can find my true self; find my true relationship to whatever I think of as Creator, God, All-That-Is. Be Still has two meanings and are discovered when we practice being still.

Can I Just Pray?

What Can I Do? Am I to do anything? I can tell you what I think is wrong, I can show you where I believe you should go, I can assist you with what I think you need.

Religion Doing Harm: 7 Examples to Watch Out For

Organized religion can be very beneficial. It gives people hope, peace of mind, and it can help reinforce order and morality, benefiting society. However, religion can also be harmful when taken to an extreme, as with the following seven examples.

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