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Developing Your Spirituality-Learning To Deal With Your Temptation

Do you sincerely know the God you worship daily in truth, body and spirit? If your answer is No, this article is for you to enjoy. The children of God are tempted daily as they go about seeking the glory of their maker. The ability to overcome temptations is to develop one’s self to be spiritually, enlivened and become God – conscious. This self-consciousness comes through the spiritual education under a living master or a Satguru, who is the word made flesh. This article gives an account of how to get this done and be free from life temptations. Surely your power to over-power satan in all its manifestations spiritually and physically is guaranteed.

What Is Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritual warfare is the fight of faith engaged by Christians against super mundane entities in the spirit realm. This may sound like a coded language that is why many people ask, what’s spiritual warfare? Too many Christians have no knowledge about the seriousness of spiritual warfare. The battle for the control of human soul started in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned against God. It’s a battle between God and Satan, between good and evil, it’s a kingdom battle, the kingdom of God with all the angels and Satan with fallen angels.

Four Easy Steps for Studying a Biblical Passage

Every Christian would acknowledge that reading the Bible is important. One way to approach the Bible is to read it devotionally, that is, for inspiration or experientially in relation to specific life situations. There is a place for devotional reading and I often read the Bible this way myself.

Life Can Be Great, Even When It’s Messy

An ancient Hebrew text teaches us though our lives often get messed up God will give us another chance. Second chances may not always be as neat and tidy as we wish, but they can be great if we take them when they come.

Patience As a Reference Point

I went to see my daughters for an all too brief visit not long ago. This trip landed smack dab in the middle of several stressors that aren’t part of my usual routines; the car was having trouble, house repairs from storm damage were underway and some critters that were supposed to live outside were making their homes in my home. I was ready for a little break from all the doing and chaos.

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