Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 589?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 589 😬

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Small Group Bible Study – Why It Is Beneficial to Your Growth

Feedback! You can get much more feedback from a biblical lesson when more are talking and giving their opinions and feelings. The back and forth conversation is limitless. It is my opinion, that most graduate school students must sign up to be in a study group.

Spiritual Retreats – How to Experience This Type of Awakening

During the season of Lent many go into retreats. Here is a guide so that you can make effective use of your retreat.

3 Ways to Lift Other People’s Spirits Through Love

There are many people who are depressed and who do not know how to get out of this condition of depression. In this article I discuss how you can lift the spirits of those depressed through love.

How to Be Filled With Joy

Most people want joy in their lives. But we often look for joy in all the wrong places. As we look to an ancient story from the First Century, we can learn some secrets to joy that those who have gone before us experienced first hand.

Nobody Is Righteous

The greatest threat for the Christian, with the exception of backsliding, is having a superiority complex. It’s no novel problem. The newly converted Jewish believer in Early Church times possibly felt more ‘chosen’ by God than a Gentile was. They needed to be reminded…

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