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Psalm 109 – Faith During False Accusation

There’s a method for living life when things get tough, and we know it’s not about giving up. And no matter what life throws at us, from the numbness of loss, to being overwhelmed by the sheer load of things, we can learn so much from the psalmist (‘of David’) in this Psalm, about the faith to hold on in the midst of tyranny. Maybe the toughest of situations is handled here; to be falsely accused, and for that accuser, the one responsible for great travesties, to be calling for our demise on every angle.

Repenting Everyday Blasphemies

Could it be that our grandest test of faith is how we treat each person and each situation at love – holding to the Greatest Commandment? (Matthew 22:37-39) If we were true to this test we may quickly shun many of the things we instinctively say or do or give approval to; where divisions are caused – in ‘the name of God’, no less.

How Receptive Is Your Heart?

This article displays the kinds of heart we have toward God’s word the bible. It shows what happens to the Word if we are not receptive to what God has to say.

Heaven’s Glory – Looking Ahead With Hope To Future Glory

In a life that forces us to choose between going forward or receding backward, the Gospel way presents the only viable answer for growth against the threat of recession. Even upon recognition that life is a constant struggle there’s the cosmic, eternal hope…

Venturing Beyond Loneliness Toward Wholeness

Venturing personally, sick of our loneliness, wanting the wholeness that others have attained, we sense an opportunity – not in rejecting our despair and bitterness and disappointment, but in embracing it on a slow, often painful journey. Yet, wholeness is surely there to be claimed; but not without stepping through the process.

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