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What’s Your Score?

If a fellow Christian would ask you on what your score is in regards to the people you have shared the gospel to (this includes the people you have mentored and the people whose lives have been impacted by your life), how would you respond? This is neither an offensive question nor a question that tries to belittle your efforts. It is simply a query that the person wants you to answer. So again, what is your score?

Living In A Placebo World

Dr. Irving Kirsch, a research scientist at Harvard, has been studying the placebo effect for over 30 years and has found that in most cases, placebos work as well as the standard medications prescribed by most physicians for various illnesses. Placebos are even as or more effective in common surgeries, meaning instead of performing an actual surgery, the surgery was faked and the patients recovered just as well as those who had the actual surgery.

Conquering Self-Doubt Through the Word

Even the strongest among us have wrestled with self-doubt, times or seasons when one doubts one’s abilities or strengths to complete a project or to continue with a job or to just to do anything right. This can lead to melancholy and dejection. So what to do when these saboteurs enter our minds?

The Discipline of Solitude

Regularly, though not as often as I would like, I wait until the business of the day is gone and the sky has darkened and I go out and sit in my backyard. It is quite dark though the small, dim backyard lights from my yard and the yards of neighbors soften the darkness and off in the distance I can see reflections of the downtown lights in the night sky.

Mayan 2012 Prophecy Portends the End Of the Age Of Pisces, Not the World

The Mayan prophecy for 2012 was not for the destruction of the Earth. It was for the destruction of the Old Age of Pisces and all it out dated energies and institutions. The new age of Aquarius will herald in new energies and new ways to do things.

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