Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 634? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 634 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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The Law of Love That Brings Freedom

Learning to Love brings freedom from Fear and freedom from fear is TRUE FREEDOM, for it is ONLY our fears that keep us bound. For me, being able to feel confident to go into the big, wide world and know God will always make a way for me and show me Love and kindness is the Ultimate freedom.

God Is Always With Us

Have you ever been showered by Divine Love when you needed the most? Have you received the support, the warmth in your heart that helped you go through some tough time in your life? Have you felt a nudge to pursue something or take a certain direction that benefited you? We all have similar experiences at times; something we cannot explain but lifts us spiritually. That’s the Presence of God.

When Words Aren’t Enough – Open to Misinterpretation Series No 1

I like technology. I like the way it allows you to interact with friends and family around the world with little or no interruption. I like the fact that you can even see someone through Skype or webcams for meetings so you can watch their reactions to what you say. There is nothing missing in interactions involving technology except one thing-the presence of a warm body.

Wondering If God Wants You to Be a Priest? 3 Easy Ways to Discern

Thousands of Catholic young men wonder if God is calling them to be a priest. Are you? Good news. You can finally get some clarity with these 3 simple ways.

No Sickness Is Incurable Spiritually

I have nothing personally against medical science, I go to hospital, if I have to, I take tablets, if there’s a reason for that but those that are above hospital, I resort to alternatives and it was the successes, I recorded in keeping tune with nature that forced me to go into study and training on spirituality and other related disciplines. Let me tell you the truth, the sickness that has no cure is the one you accept there is no cure, did the bible not tell us that it should e done to us according to our faith.

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