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The Not So Hidden God

God is our better nature, the part of us that yearns for peace in the world and hope for our children. God lives in our longing for a just world where every kid has parents who tuck him in at night, put away money for his education and show up at every school play.

How Am I Going To Be Remembered?

Last week, I had a home soccer game against an in county rival. Before the game started, one of my athletes from a while back showed up to watch the game. I had a chance to talk with her about what she was doing now, how was college going, don’t you want to put on a uniform and get out here again? As we talked, she conveyed how much she missed high school, and how she wishes she could play for me again. She said that I was different from most coaches.

God Is In Control

Is it God’s will to heal the sick? Or does God choose to heal sometimes, while choosing not to heal on other occasions?

Spiritual Disclaimer – Truth Is Personal

On the spiritual path one system is no different to another. Any system that helps one gain wisdom and understanding at the same time as being beneficial for the evolution of Humanity is seen to be equal to every other system.

Angels – Angel Barakiel Will Help You Open Your Heart and Your Mind

Angel Barakiel is waiting for you to ask him to help you remove the wall around your heart and in your mind one brick at a time. Be willing to open your mind, your thoughts and your heartfelt emotions to all that is already in your life.

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