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Knowing “SELF”

To learn about God And Jesus is a good thing, to learn about self is greater. A conversation about God that does not include a conversation about the Goddess is incomplete.

Real Faith And False Religion

Faith is believing, what can’t be seen and what has to come. It is like a child believing a father’s promise to bring home food and like an adult waiting like a child, at the foot of Mother Maria, praying the rosary. Those are unimportant however, in view of certain groups of people, religious or political, who observe strict laws and unbalanced attitude towards the problem of power.

Reading God’s Mind

Change your life for the BEST! It is possible, and it can happen by reading the best book ever-the Bible! A transformation will overcome you as you know and feel pure love, comfort, hope, peace, joy, love and a freedom from the world and worry.

Six Types of Sermons

When we attend church, we may hear a variety of different types of sermons. Some may be easier to understand than others. Learning the six different types of sermons can help us be prepared to learn as much as possible when we go to church.

How To Keep The Faith

Keeping the faith is more challenging now than ever because of the decadence of morals and values in our cultures psyche. The Christian life isn’t lived in a vacuum but within the culture that we’re a part of. There seems to be anti-christian attitude from the high to low places of our government. All through history, when people no longer retained the knowledge of God, they resorted to despising and persecuting those who promoted righteousness. On the face of these vicious tidal waves of attacks against Christians and who we represent, knowing how to keep the faith is of highest priority.

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