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Your True Identity – Who You Really Are

Did you know that you carry two versions of yourself around with you every day? One of them can prevent you from being everything you are truly capable of being and the other provides a direct line to your true potential. This article explains what your true identity really is.

The End Of The World – The Rapture – The Truth

In this article I discuss the nonsense of the “rapture” theory, a myth and superstition that has endured for centuries among certain segments of the population. I explain how something similar to a rapture could happen, but this possible event has nothing to do with sin, punishment or the will of God. People alive on planet earth could indeed trigger events that would have similar effects, as the elimination of the race of man from the planet.

Do You Know That There Is No Secret Here On Earth?

Yes! There is no secret here on earth; whatever information you need, you have the capacity to have it spiritually, even if the secret spans two hundred years ago or spans two hundred years into the future, you can get it. You can name them; is it stolen property, unearthing people behind a particular crime, determining what will be the out come of a contest, causes of bareness, causes of a mysterious death, to reunite broken families, broken love affairs, broken marriage, causes of every imaginable problem and solutions be it social economic, political or health related.

How To Be Fortified Against Backsliding

Comes a time in most of our lives when we explore who Jesus is; we need and want to know God at this time. But for many this ‘urge’ comes and then goes. What was to be for our eternal blessing never stuck.

God’s the Destroyer of Idols

The purpose of belief is the broad construct that facilitates resilience, able to gently forge its way in life, through many deconstructions. Life deconstructs us. Only when we approach such deconstruction with a willing attitude to hope and to learn and to not be afraid do we invite God to help us. Faith, here, is essential for life.

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