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Spiritual Lessons in the Outback

Nearing the end of our month long walkabout in the outback of Australia, our bus was traveling northward towards our destination for the evening, Cooinda. Located in Kakadu Wildlife Park, Cooinda contains a large billybong, or small lake. Billybongs are created by the monsoonal rains that are common in the BackO’Beyond during the rainy season. They hold large reservoirs of water that the wildlife thus survive on during the long droughts often experienced during the winter months.

A Critical Distinction: Belief Vs Experience

I believe we are meant to grow in our knowledge of God and Spirit matters as much as we grow in our knowledge about the physical world with its new technological advances. We constantly learn how the use the latest cell phones, why not explore and learn new things when it comes to God? But we experience nothing quite as fearful as questioning our beliefs about God and our place in this great and vast universe.

Inner Guidance – Following Your Inner Guidance Saves You Money, Time and Energy

Did you know that you can save money, time and energy by following your inner guidance? If the answer is yes, are you taking full advantage of it? This article is inspired by a reader’s experience of following her inner guidance.

Your Higher Self – A Powerful Meditation for Connecting With Your Higher Self

Some people want to reconnect with and cultivate a real relationship with their higher self. Your meditation practice should help you with this goal, but some meditations are more effective at this than others. If your relationship with your higher self isn’t where you want it to be and you’d like to know what kinds of meditations are most effective for accessing your higher self (and your inner guidance), please read this article.

Inner Guidance – Gaining Confidence in Your Inner Guidance

More people are beginning to realize that the next step in their process of spiritual growth and evolution is to connect with their higher self and seek within for their own guidance and answers, rather than looking to others or to channeled messages for guidance. But how do you go about doing this?

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