Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 651? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 651 😬

The Privilege of Not Having

What we more readily see as the curse of going without is actually the formidable opportunity: to notice, continually, the privilege of not having – it’s something marking us as special. A personal ‘for instance’ is drinking. I gave up the right to drink years ago because I couldn’t partake in moderation. Now I have the privilege of not having. My life’s easier because of it.

Steve Jobs Passes Away, The Most Important Thing He Left Behind

I’m at home working on a shirt design and waiting for my pregnant wife to return home from work with our kids. On one computer I have my laptop going and on another I have the net going with facebook up looking at the top news and all of a sudden I see a terrible update: Apple has announced that Steve Jobs has died.

What If God Makes Me Be a Priest? How I Learned the Truth Behind the Imposed Vocation Myth

Have you ever been afraid that if you start to get close to God He might make you be a priest? Here’s the story of how I discovered the one truth that let me to discover my vocation with peace of heart…

Should You Marry a Non-Spiritual Person?

In a lecture at a SRF temple one of Paramahansa Yogananda’s monastic disciples was talking about spiritual marriage and was asked is it ok to marry a non-spiritual person? He replied “no, here’s why, there are many qualifications to consider before tying the knot. The most important one for an ideal marriage is…

So What Is Good and What Is Bad? Developing Inner Norms

So, what is wrong and what is right? What is good and what is bad? There isn’t always one objective set of rules that will always give us a precise answer.

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