Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 654? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 654 😬

Energetic Attacks And How To End Them By Building Compassion

It is not true, in my experience, that a person’s thoughts or energy can affect another person. The way they APPEAR to affect you is by your sharing the thought. You can find happiness in ending negative emotions by seeing their true source. If I hate you and you sense it somehow, you know I hate you by the process of thinking. I am not using the word ‘thinking’ as imagining, rather I mean it in the sense of intellectual comprehension.

The Sins God Hates Most

Our post-modern way has almost certainly infiltrated our faith; what we hear exhorted much too often is a doctrine fitted to comfort and ease; health and happiness. Whilst these, in themselves, are not bad things, they miss the essential heart of the Gospel – the ministry of Jesus; so much of our Bible is pushed to the background so a more pleasant form of the Good News can be read, and therefore carried.

Trusting Your Process

Trusting our processes is about finding a niche within each of us that, in connection with God’s Spirit, frees us to be decisive, frank in our way, and authentic through and through. When we trust our process, our confidence is found and firmly pocketed in humility. There is the experience of assurance. This, that is felt, can only be experienced and validated, by God, personally. No one else can say we have it or don’t have it. Only we can know – only God can confirm it to us.

Can You Do Me a Favor?

Have you ever said a prayer and then a couple of days later you prayed the exact prayer again?  So often when we pray, we want an instant result and when it does not arrive we start frantically praying again and again.

Angels – The Angel of Discernment Gifts You With Clarity

Discernment is defined as being able to distinguish or recognize the difference between what is part of your Spiritual Path for your Higher-Self and that which is not. Where you are now is a reflection of past behavior, past emotions and actions taken or not taken.

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