Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 655? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 655 😬

The Relevance of Meditation to Biblical Salvation

The New Testament specifically points to Jesus for salvation. Sounds good, right? But what does THAT mean exactly? Is it as simple as the traditional explanation we usually receive from traditional Christianity? I think the first Christians thought quite differently about the subject.

At The Altar

The altar generally is a place of sacrifice to spiritual entities. To a Christian an altar is a place of brokenness, submission and thanksgiving. The important element in the Christian faith is the building of an altar. This could be in a designated house of worship or a deserved place set aside specifically to seek the living God. It’s not the physical components of the altar that matters much to the Lord but the state of our hearts. The basic activities at the altar reveal a person spiritual standing with God.

Universal Laws – Universal Law of Belief

A belief is something that you are both consciously aware of and something that you are not consciously aware of. What you see and experience in your life is the result of your beliefs.

Where Soul Meets Body

Desires contend within each of us, I think, for our bodily experience and thinking to connect with our deeper subconscious minds. We remain a mystery to ourselves, and surely the human urge is to unravel the enigma that we are to ourselves.

Angelic Thoughts, Right Thinking And Action Is Always Rewarded, Requited And Required

Everything done right is always rewarded, it does not matter how it seems at the time you are doing it though. The thing about right action is that it does not always have an instant result, but if it is genuinely done right, you will always get the genuine reward.

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