Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 657? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 657 😬

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

There is an old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Its meaning is simple. A person’s appearance, either their physical attributes or dress, are no indication of their inner being. Humans are incredibly complex. Whilst their physical appearance may well be apparent, their spiritual (inner) dimension is not.

You Hold The Antidote!

Think of this: the world is suffering by the second because of a contagious disease which is spreading quickly. This disease is killing 200,000 people every single day. Because of your friend who cares for you, he has given you an unlimited supply of antidotes for this disease.

Choosing Your Own Gethsemane

Every believer knows the significance of Gethsemane in the story of Jesus. The Bible keeps stressing the importance of prayer. In response, Jesus emphasized having a quiet place to pray for him to be able to properly focus. In the Gospels, the two favorite spots of Jesus to pray are in the garden and in the quiet mountainside. Let us find out what these two destinations indicate.

Angels – Uzziel Is The Angel Of Mercy and Forgiveness

Mercy and forgiveness are about no longer exchanging negative energy with someone else, an experience or even a situation that involved several people. Choosing forgiveness releases you from repeating an experience in another place and time with another person or group of people with different faces and different names.

Eternal Rest

Since the fall of man in the garden of Eden, man has been in an endless quest to find satisfaction, peace, joy and contentment. Every effort always ends up in emptiness. Material things like sex, fame, fortune, prestige and power may seem to satisfy temporarily, then that void emerges again in our spirit. I realize that this is a controversial subject. Some believe that there’s everlasting life and others don’t, but God has given us the choice. The Pharisees believed in resurrection but the Sadducees didn’t, nevertheless, Jesus resurrected from the dead according to the scriptures. Let’s briefly explore what the scripture says about this subject. Let God be true and every person a liar.

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