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There Are Gods Among Us

This article addresses the creative force behind the law of attraction. Such concepts as casual creators and reality artists are introduced. The idea that we are have the power of the god head within us is put forward.

Dimensions: Everywhere You Go, There You Are

This article puts forth new ideas regarding time and space. The nature of dimension is discussed from a metaphysical standpoint. Some of these ideas are very foreign. Those familiar with astral journeying will find this an interesting read.

The Unknown Universe

This article discusses consciousness and its prevalence throughout the unseen universe. The philosophy of panpsychism is used to address the existence of those consciousnesses that we cannot perceive through our five senses. By gaining insight into these intelligences one can hope to understand the true nature of reality.

The Free-Will Choice

At one side of our lives is God the Father, the Alpha and Omega of the universe, with His infinite Life, Light, and Love, and the peace, joy, hope, and happiness of Heaven: infinite, eternal bliss. At the other side is Satan, the prince of the abyss and of this world, with his ceaseless Death, darkness, hatred, lies, betrayal, anguish, hopelessness, despair, conflict, and torment of Hell: infinite, unimaginable damnation and eternal torture. In the midst of our lives is the territory of our own free will: that territory generally pressured by various agents, both external and internal, turning it into a veritable battleground of decision-making, with regard to the fate of our eternal souls, in order for us not to cave in, to the path of least resistance.

Spiritualism: The Spiritual Social Movement

Spirituality or Spiritualism can be best defined as a spiritual social movement that began in the United States and was prominent in the 1840s-1920s, especially in English-speaking countries. The apparent movement distinguishing feature is the opinion that the spirits of the nonliving can be adjoined by spiritualists. These spirits are conceived to dwell on a more eminent level of cosmos than humanity, and are consequently capable of providing us with counsel in both worldly and phantasmal substances.

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