Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 661? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 661 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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Managing Hard Times With Grace

All of us confront many sorts of trials and hardships day-by-day. From over-bearing illnesses like a diagnosis with a serious sickness to personal financial issues, work loss, loss of a spouse, to our run-of-the-mill stresses associated with our living conditions.

Are Marriage and Consecration Equal? Why This Heresy Could Keep You From Discerning Ultra-Fast

Would you like to know your vocation right now? Here is the single-fastest way for knowing the will of God for your life. I call it ultra-fast discernment.

Welcome Home

Did you ever rebel against your parents? Are you rebelling from God now? How long are you going to stay away?

Stressed About Your Discernment? 9 Tips for Getting Out of the Stress Cycle

Are you stressed about your discernment? What if your real problem is something else? What if your problem is seeing discernment as a problem you have to solve? Here are 9 tips for getting out of the stress cycle.

Lies Are The Devil’s Hammer

The enemy you can not see can be lore damaging than the one you can. Are you ever pounded with questions like am I good enough? Does God have the right person?

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