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Why Money Spells or Law of Attraction Work for Some and Not for Others

The reason why the law of attraction works for some and not others is because everyone has a different belief system and level of faith in their own ability to create the reality they want. Furthermore to that, one should ask why there are things that manifest quickly and why there are things that take a long time. The answer lies on the ability of the person to focus.

The Light Workers Formula to Figure Out Your Personal Light Quotient

Most everybody has a light body. Some have more light than others. It is a good idea to find out what percentage you are if you are looking to ascend in body.

Universal Laws – Universal Law of Balance

Balancing mental, physical and Spiritual aspects of your life is the key to being or feeling complete and whole. To be equal isn’t always about the exact measure of things. If you give more than you receive, this creates a positive imbalance.

Salvation and God’s Loving Kindness

The experience of mercy at the loving hand God is known, in the instant recognition of the way we were; indeed, the way we still are. Salvation was never just a once-off deal; we need saving continually. Yet, by the mercy and grace of God, by our once-off acceptance, we are saved.

Religion and Spirituality in a Changing World

How important is religion or spirituality in a changing world? No matter whether we are talking about job, career, schooling, family, loved ones, friends, spouse, or what-have-you, how important is religion or spirituality in one’s life? Try it this way. Can you imagine being at the end of your own very long life on your deathbed; are you ready to walk your path alone to the other side? Do you have any “unfinished business or regrets?” Perhaps the answer to this may help put the opening question into a more clear perspective.

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