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Psalm 144 – God’s Help Is Real

It’s with sheer awesome delight that we can consider God’s interest in us, deeply personal. That this LORD regards us, and thinks of us, is an amazing concept, considering the vastness of the created world and the magnificence of creation’s history.

The Simplest Secret to Balance

You have an in-built balance-check-and-achieve tool. All you need is one minute to take advantage of that tool, instead of going for a two-day stress management course. Read the article to learn the simplest secret.

Where Is Your Faith?

It’s when danger strikes, when we face obstacles and when things are not going our way that steal the strength of our faith, have you been caught up in absolute uncertainty before? What was your reaction, of faith or fear? You’ll be fearful if you’re not grounded in the word of God and knowing the promises that God has put in place for you. If you were to be approached right at this moment and be asked of your faith, do you have the ready answer? There are certain fundamental principles that must be established for a positive response, let’s look at them.

Sources Of Temptation And Opposition

Have temptation, opposition and struggles sometimes confronted you, though you love the Lord with your whole heart? It could be after a time of passionate prayer, fasting before the Lord, or just coming out of an anointed worship or preaching service. Out of nowhere comes a scathing urge, thought or pressure of unrighteousness, you’re baffled and muted, it can’t be, and you muttered I just finished having a great time with the Lord. This article will seek to unravel the sources of temptation and oppositions.

Secrets of Discernment – It Is a Matter of Timing – Do You Know When to Listen For God’s Call?

Trying to discern before your ready is one of the biggest causes of stress among young Catholics today. Learn how to tell if the time is right for your to discern God’s call to be a priest or a nun or get married.

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