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Chakra Management System: Article Ten – The Soul Star

The Soul Star is a beautiful connection to your place in the Universe. By learning how to work with it, and choose your Sacredness in an adventurous way, you’ll be stepping into a journey of expansion and Sacred Empowerment beyond your imagination!

Chakra Management System: Article Nine – The Earth Star

The Earth Star is not strictly a chakra. A chakra is ideally a connection between the human and their soul, the Earth star is the connection between the human and the Earth, all aspects from Mother Earth, the planet earth and the Earth Community. The deeper and richer your relationship with this system that you are anchored to, the more effectively you can live and be in the world.

How To Be A Wizard (An Introduction)

Sure, people think of lots of stuff when they hear words like “wizard” or “witch.” Most generally, all it means is that a person has chosen to consciously and actively commune with nature, get in better touch with their true Self, and thus exert intention in the world in a harmonious manner. More specifically, those who are comfortable identifying with these terms, and know their proper history, often focus their practice through the wide range of possible expressions in the pagan/wiccan path. This article touches on some introductory ideas.

I Don’t Need a Spiritual Director! Are You Sure? 4 Reasons You Are Wrong

Lots of young people think that they can get by in their spiritual life without a spiritual guide. Here’s 4 things to consider before you continue alone on your spiritual journey.

When I Discovered I Wasn’t Immortal

A few days before Christmas, Ray, a fellow golfer, collapsed and died from an undiagnosed heart condition. He had just turned 65. Ray was a tall wiry Yorkshireman. He was a good golfer and his dry sense of humour made him a very popular companion.

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