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One Man at a Time

WOW! I was sitting in the choir loft on Sunday, in the second service we were finished singing for the opening song worship and we stayed in the loft during the message.

Is Reincarnation Real?

This article questions the validity of reincarnation and explores a deeper meaning to the concept. Here, I shall show how the concept is true and false at the same time by exploring another level of its implications in ones pursuit of personal growth and finding happiness.

Are You Using Your Power to Its Fullest Measure?

You are creating your tomorrow with today’s words, today’s decisions, today’s beliefs. For those of us who’ve awoken to the understanding that we are natural born creators, that each of us holds responsibility for conceiving the world we live in, it becomes imperative that we use our power wisely and to its fullest measure.

Understanding the Real Meaning of The Shema

While you live in a sinful world, it is important to be equipped with the word of God so that you can overcome sin. That is the real meaning of Shema.

Encounters With Nothingness

Everything and nothing is God. I am not a philosopher. I am neither into word play, let intrusion be pardoned.

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