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Are You Ready to Ascend?

2012 is herald as the Year of Ascension, and regardless of how that idea plays out in our history, there are certainly many extreme changes afoot. This article examines how we can raise our own vibration in order to ride the challenging waves of change with ease and grace and create the peace and abundance we long for in our lives.

Walking With God – Key To Spiritual Discovery

Walking together with a person in anything requires agreement, understanding, respect, and willingness that is free of pressure. Walking with God demands a free will and is absolutely a personal choice with a weight of commitment. Awesome spiritual discoveries await a person who has chosen the process of this divine undertaking. The attitude towards the word of God determines the magnitude of the pay off.

The New Narcissist

A current Time Magazine article would have us believe that living solo is the best way to go. After all you get to do what you want to do when you want to do it. That may be a seductive philosophy but I submit it is ultimately the enemy of our growth as human beings. We are created to love one another, to take care of our brothers and sisters (and children,) not to live in isolation from them while we focus on our own self-realization.

I’m Not Letting Go Until You Bless Me

Jacob was in a time of his life that he is certain that bad things would happen to him because of his lies. This time, he was certain that it was the time that his crimes would catch up to him. In this moment of fear and a little bit of regret, he would not leave this encounter to chance.

Emotional Success With Second Chakra Healing

Working with the chakras can seem like a mysterious task. As the mystical information to unlock this area becomes more accessible in the West, however, there are some simple things we can do to create a more balanced emotional life. The second chakra holds the key to some of the most fundamental areas that can help create a feeling of completeness. Working with some simple techniques it’s possible to create a healthy and happy attitude towards life, relationships and emotional success.

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