Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 674? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 674 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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Discernment Secrets – Tired of Sitting On the Fence? Why Not Try TOTE?

Have you been sitting on the fence wondering if God is calling you to be a priest, a nun, or get married? Good news! You can get off the fence today and begin pursuing your vocation with T.O.T.E.

Working in the Kingdom Hour

Now is the moment before the future comes; a time where we still have time to adjust for what’s ever more impending. This is sheer unparalleled luxury – to ponder what might be and what we may become from it as a result.

How Do You Want To Live The Rest Of Your Life?

What is the number one stressor and complaint of people today? What do men and women most long for in their lives today?

You Have the Power – God Gave It to You Before the Foundation of the World

Let’s look at power in the natural realm. In this earthly realm, when someone has power they can make major decisions and not even be questioned. Here’s an example: A sheriff sees an 18 wheeler driving at 80 miles per hour, puts his siren on and signals for that 18 wheeler to stop.

Being Hurt By the Church But Still Loving Jesus

Churches are made up of people. Since people are not perfect, churches will not be perfect either. Because churches are not perfect, people will sometimes be hurt by what churches say or do. We must decide if we will simply complain about such issues, or if we will get involved and become part of the solution.

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