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Chakra Management System: Article One – The Chakra System

Your Chakra System is an important part of a much greater system we call the Human Auric System. This system holds keys to moving beyond so much of the struggle and difficulties in life. The Chakra Management System is a foundation course to working with your system towards much deeper empowerment and personal authority.

How to Celebrate and Align to the Season of Spring

Our world and everything within it including our soul, flows to the simply natural universal patterns found Nature’s cycles. When we align ourselves to these cycles, it helps us to reset our course and refresh our souls.

The Spirit’s Gentle Whispers – Part 3

This, below, is the third part of a monthly series; a collection of ideas received from God and faithfully taken down. Samples include: Disappointment’s not the point. Where we’re distracted from is. Come back there. Disappointment’s a red herring. Disappointment’s the cue to refocus… and… Now is the moment before the future comes. Now is a good time to be in. Now will finish all too soon. Make the most of now.

Chakra Management System: Article Two – The Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is the first chakra we focus on. It deals with the areas of physical presence in a strong and secure way. Safety, money and security are all key issues in how present and effective we are able to be in the world. The information and work presented in this article sets you out on a path of discovery of your Self and your Base Chakra.

Chakra Management System: Article Six: The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra carries your ability to express yourself and your Sacredness in the world. Working deeply in this area is so important in expanding your Creative Expression and your ability to communicate your needs and beliefs clearly and confidently. Developing your Consciousness in this important chakra and your relationship with it will take you deeper into your personal power and presence in the world.

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