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You Must Be Born Again

If you can say you are born again then you truly are. People who have never known or experienced this cannot say but will hesitate when you ask them. Why is that? It is because you know if you are or not. Any one born in a Christian family will say he or she is a Christian, but it is not the same as born again. You can say it only if you know it.

God of 1st, 2nd and 490th Chance

Many people think Christianity is about judgment, rules, and condemnation, for instance of minority groups, and individuals, not following the Christian value. This is a heinous misrepresentation.

Psalm 68 – Blessed Be God, Our Salvation!

Psalm 68 is a hymn of thanksgiving on behalf of the community of God. Importantly, when recited, it compels the freshening of confidence for what the LORD, through history, has already done. Even as one of the earliest Psalms, at the behest of Exodus 15 (the Songs of Moses and Miriam), it has a vital role in the oral tradition of Israel – that the Sovereign Dominion of the Almighty will conquer all evil.

Things That Only Happen By Miracle

We can separate all outcomes of life into those we can manufacture or significantly influence, and those we have no influence over. Some things only happen by miracle – by a dynamic beyond us, and any reasonable and rational explanation, unless discovered after the fact. Many miracles, like ideas of lateral thinking, are logical only in hindsight. Some things only happen by miracle.

Two Ways to Bolster Your Hope for the Coming Week

Suppose you were rich and contracted a sculptor to create a marble statue. As the sculptor began to chip away pieces of the block of marble, you might look at his work and think, “This doesn’t look like the statue I wanted.” What is unrecognizable to you is clearly seen in the mind’s eye of the sculptor who assures you he knows what he is doing. Your hope that you will get exactly what you want rests on trusting the sculptor’s word.

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