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Angels – Angel Gadiel Teaches You Unconditional Release

For a moment, imagine what it would be like to feel freedom, total freedom to think and feel all that you are in truth. You radiate all you are without exception. Unconditional release in its simplest form is letting go of emotional attachment to what you want.

Relationship Coasters – From Rags To Riches, Then Riches To Rags

Are we unconsciously destined to be like Saul? That is a question that would strike up as you study the life of Saul and the lives of modern Christians. It’s not that Christians always want to please the people around them but it’s the striking resemblance that you can notice as you study the life of king Saul. To fully understand this, let us study his life more.

Standing at a Crossroad? Finding the Path of the Hidden Gift

All of us go through challenging times in our life – times where we feel burned out and depleted; times we face the grief of unbearable loss through death, divorce, or illness; times we just feel dead ourselves as we move by rote – empty of connection, clarity, direction or self-love. Our times of greatest life challenge and confusion put us smack dab in the middle of a crossroad. And there we stand: looking to the left; looking to the right; looking back from where we have come; and looking ahead at the life stretching out before us…

Trust – Do You Trust God or Do You Trust Yourself?

Trust — The ability to believe what someone else is saying or doing. Trusting a God one cannot see as oppose to someone is seeing standing in their face. Who would you rather trust? I know that I would trust God who I cannot see, as oppose to a mankind that I can see, because God has done so much more for me than mankind.

Who Is God the Father?

God the Father is the supreme being, the Alpha and Omega of creation. Described in the Old Testament as acting “with faithful love towards thousands of those who love Me and keep My commandments” (Ex 20:2-6) and in the New Testament as “our Father in heaven” (Mt 6:9), many of us acknowledge that God exists, with many if not most of those who believe saying that, “We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible” as professed in the Creed. But to what extent do we really know our heavenly Father especially in this post-Christian day and age? That is, to what extent do we know our Father on a personal basis, despite all our regular or not-so-regular professions of faith?

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