Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 693? ๐ŸŒŒ The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 693 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Is Private Religion Better Than the Organized Church?

Formal church organizations have been part of our culture for hundreds of years. In more modern times, many people want to remain spiritual, but they prefer to hold to a more private form of religion than to be part of an organized church. Which version of spirituality makes the most impact on society?

Prayer for Circling Doubt

Many people, in an inordinate percentage of circumstances, pray to the Lord in their need. There are some, sure, who pray in devotions of praise and thanksgiving, and some that continually intercede, indeed millions for both, but by far the commonest of prayers are the ones sent to God in distress or doubting, and doubting may be the most common of those, especially within the fellowship of believers.

An Interview With Ross Bartlett

I had the pleasure to chat with Teen Psychic, Ross Bartlett this week, and believe me I was blown away. The nineteen year old from Southern England is the most calm, relaxed, spiritually centred, western-world teenager I have ever spoken with. Well, grilled. To ease gently into my 2 page A4, margin removed, half line spaced, size 8 font “quiz sheet” I asked Ross about his tattoos. Well there is no getting away from them really. Each one, Ross explains, has a specific spiritual meaning. His right arm, decorated in painted stars, in varying sizes and colours, denote the connection to the spirit world. His left trailed and swirled with leaves and vine, symbolises the connection to the earth. On his back are a beautiful pair of angel wings, expertly applied by the ink toting craftsman. The angels are of course messengers, which Ross says is his specific duty; to deliver messages from the Spirit World.

Crystals – Lepidolite Is The Stone of Conscious Feeling

Lepidolite radiates Soft soothing vibrations woven by Earth Mother into a powerful combination of soft purplish pink interwoven with Lithium Mica and Pink Tourmaline. Being a stone of transition, Lepidolite will encourage you to release all that is now behind you.

Unity of Fellowship in the Holy Spirit

There have been dissensions throughout the history of the church. The unity of fellowship in the Holy Spirit is paramount. There is a triadic approach to a sensible regulation of unity within the church…

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