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Sharing Our Faith With Friends

If our faith has been a positive influence in our lives, we should be willing to share it with others. This does not mean we have to put on a tie and go door to door. It can be done in natural ways with people we already know.

Contemplating Our Inner Spirituality

Today’s young adults have an incredible ability to think and reflect on a deeper level than previous generations. Though the use of the internet, a young adult can learn about almost any subject without ever leaving their home. This has both positive and negative impact on our lives. Clearly today’s young adults are the most educated in history and will have far more opportunities open to this because of this additional knowledge. But today’s young adults are also struggling with how to deal with the negative information that technology reveals to them. Contemplating our inner spirituality can help us deal with all this information.

Developing Intimacy With Our Father

God the Father intensely yearns to develop true intimacy with us, His children on earth. However, many of us choose to remain distant from Him; hesitant and possibly fearful, if not downright cold and indifferent toward His profound, never-abating interest in us. Meanwhile, others instantly enter into sputtering rants and tirades at the very mention of His holy Name, despite our Father’s infinite Love for us; a love that we need to experience in order to be able to truly start comprehending, in relation to its boundlessness, immensity, profundity and timelessness. In fact, as the only living creatures on earth to have souls – as the only creatures to have been stamped with the imprint of our Father Himself, in the hearts of our souls, precisely at the moment of our individual creation – we have been made by the Father to receive and give love, from and to Himself and others.

Meditate – How To

There are many kinds of meditation. I’ve talked about several kinds of meditation already, but there are literally thousands upon thousands of meditative techniques, and teachers. Here are some other meditative techniques and little explanation about them.

Four Keys to Overcoming Jealousy

“Time heals all wounds,” but only if karma doesn’t get in the way. Deep jealousy can be karmic because it depends on thoughts, emotions, and actions that keep reinforcing themselves in a never-ending cycle. Karmic jealousy is a pattern so deep that you fear to give it up even when you desperately want to. Yet overcoming jealousy is possible, and I suggest four keys that will help you get free.

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