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Are We Merely Evolved Pond Scum?

Do you believe that we are evolved pond scum? What do you think of when you think of “God”? I’m sure everyone has their own ideas to some extent. To a Christian such as myself, I know God as a mysterious, divine being that never ceases to amaze me. Today I am very much a believer in the “Living God” because I have seen his handiwork in my life. Do I believe in “fate”? Kind of. I believe that life is what you make it. The “you are what you do” thing. I believe that what goes around comes around. I believe that the most powerful way to determine what the “meaning of life” is to have a relationship with your creator. I whole-heartedly do not believe that humans evolved from pond scum or really smart apes. I’ll tell you why.

5 Easy To Grasp Steps To Help Bring Back The Delight Of Your Personal Devotions

Feeling a be “low” when it comes to your personal devotional time with Jesus? Wondering where past joy or fulfillment may have gone? Discover 5 Simple To Understand Steps toward your “Devotional Recovery” in the article! See you on the inside!

The Purpose of Life Is Creation

This article answers the questions of the purpose of life. It explains the emergence of God from an original state of non-being, into self aware consciousness.

Science and Myth: How to Study Religion From an Evolutionary Perspective

How can we approach the study of religions from an evolutionary perspective? What methods illuminate such study? This article introduces five approaches.

We Are Always Teaching

Whether we realize it or not, we are all teachers in this world and we are, in every moment, always teaching. A Course in Miracles would have us remember our role as teachers and question “what” we are teaching by asking us to consider which mindset are we in.

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