Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 696? ๐ŸŒŒ The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 696 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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Take It To the ALTAR

There is always an observer within you… the YOU that stands lovingly, knowingly still as the ego plays out its dramas, manipulations, addictions, obsessions… watching and waiting for you to come home. You know the YOU I’m speaking of, I know you do! This YOU never leaves you, will never leave you, because this IS you… your Truest, most authentic, Divine Self, waiting with open arms!

Psalm 132 – Covenant Commitment of Love

David’s heart for God was ever pure. His faith was, likewise, blessed by the intimacy of the LORD. As we draw near to the Spirit of God we sense this intimacy, also. Only when we have intimacy with God can we have intimacy with ourselves and, therefore, know our true purpose in life.

About Meditation – What Can It Do for You?

Meditation has its strongest proponents in the cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism with their many sects and sub-sects. Probably the most powerful and profound image that comes to mind when we think about meditation is the sitting Buddha. The Buddha has been reproduced many times for many goals but usually with the same intention: projecting the image of calmness, peace, and clarity.

I’m Not Letting Go Until You Bless Me

Jacob was in a time of his life that he is certain that bad things would happen to him because of his lies. This time, he was certain that it was the time that his crimes would catch up to him. In this moment of fear and a little bit of regret, he would not leave this encounter to chance.

Are You Ready to Ascend?

2012 is herald as the Year of Ascension, and regardless of how that idea plays out in our history, there are certainly many extreme changes afoot. This article examines how we can raise our own vibration in order to ride the challenging waves of change with ease and grace and create the peace and abundance we long for in our lives.

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