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The Third Ark

Upon consenting to give ourselves to God the Father, we become His living arks – His little temples – on Earth (2 Co 6:16) and our Father becomes the Ark Himself. But what is the Third Ark? An ark is both the residence of the Presence of God and His haven of rest among His people, reciprocally providing the latter with the Father’s undying Light and unfailing guidance, in order to shepherd them effectively to safety. A physical example of the ark was that of Noah with whom God the Father established His first covenant (Gn 6:18, 9:9-17), after having commanded him to build and enter into the ark with two members of all types of species, so that these would be safeguarded from the global purification of the earth during the Deluge (Gn 6:5-22, 7:1-23).

Masters and Saints – The True Message of Jesus and Saint David

Do the lives of Jesus and the Saints have relevance for us today, so many centuries later? And how can we apply their teachings to our very modern lives? Recent events in my life have brought their messages to life…

What’s All This About Thoughts Being Things?

If your thoughts do, indeed, manifest into your external reality, how do you know what you’re thinking? How do you manage your thoughts in order to create a reality you want? And why can’t you think about having a million dollars and then a million dollars will show up?

The Will Of God – Three Principle Types

Successful Christian living is predicated upon the knowledge of the will of God for our lives. Apostle Paul writing to the Colossian church said, “For this cause we also, since the day we heard it do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding”(Colossians 1:9, KJV). Once we operate with wisdom and spiritual understanding on his will, we’re able to accomplish our task of discipleship. This article will discuss three principle types of his will concerning humanity, here they are:

Greatest Evangelistic Service Ever Presented

The greatest evangelistic service hasn’t been preached yet. The sermon will not happen until the Tribulation Period begins. It is then that some special evangelists are set apart for the purpose of evangelizing the world. They do a more than adequate job and assemble the largest number of peoples from one evangelistic push in history.

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