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How To Use The Law Of Love

The Lawof Love is the most powerful law in the entire Universe. This is the law which you must bring along with you in everything that you set out to do. The law of love was also spoken about in the Bible, and it teaches us all to love others as we do ourself. Many people believe that love is just a simple feeling, but it’s the highest level of frequency that you can ever be on. The truth is that all of those people who are struggling are having difficulties because they don’t surround themselves with love. If you look at those who are successful, they achieved that success because they first gave love. No matter who they gave that love to or what, they attracted beautiful things to them because of this law.

God Speaks to Us

As said before we can speak to God whenever and wherever we wish. But what about God? Would God speak to us as well? How can we hear IT and make sure IT was God?

However Would a High Class Jeweller React and Respond If This Unusual Order Came in Once Again?

When true worship declines idolatry flourishes. There has never been such worship in our nation for years, but alas, much of it is idolatrous. The captured Ark of the Lord had been with the Philistines for seven months, and they have experienced nothing but sadness, pain, and death. The Ark had to go back to Israel where it belonged, but the leaders knew they had to return it with accompanying gifts because of their guilt and their sin. How is sin atoned for today? Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, a drop of which is the most precious substance in the universe.

The Accuracy of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect

The universal law of cause and effect is something that we see in action around us all the time. It simply states that your reap what you sow. Basically, what goes around comes around. This is a universal law that has been respected through the ages. It claims that there is a cause for everything. There is nothing that happens without a reason.

Why Am I Discontented?

Brian Moore the former English rugby international player sees something of the dissatisfied person in himself. What he wanted was success. And he pushed himself really hard over and over again to do well. He now recognises that whether it be in sport, business or whatever field you are in, if you are too driven you can drive yourself into the ground. Some people have high ambition and specific goals to match. But those of them who are too driven are not happy even when they get to where they wanted to be.

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