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Journaling Gives You Insight and Wisdom

Journaling starts with identifying issues in your current life and then brings you to a place where action is required. The action is to bring peace and balance in your life. By going through the steps you will gain insights into your motives and actions, as well as insights for your next steps. By changing your thoughts and behaviors you will develop a wisdom that is inspired by your authentic self.

Is God Calling You to Be a Priest or Nun? 4 Things to Seek and 4 to Avoid in Your Spiritual Director

Are you seeking to know the will of God for your life? A spiritual director or spiritual guide can go a long way in helping you know if God is calling you to be a priest or a nun. Find out the 4 characteristics of a good spiritual director as well as 4 types of directors to watch out for in your vocational discernment.

All Time and All Reincarnated Selves Exist Now

This article explains how time is only a reality within the Earth physical system and in other alien systems it does not exist at all. I also explain the difference between the time or (no time) that you experience in your dreams is unlike the time you experience in your waking state. I explain how the soul is related to the Entity and to All That Is.

Borrowed-Life Is Borrowed

The truth of practical living is that whether we know it or not, accept it or not we’re living on a borrowed life. Oxygen is essential to all living things and humans aren’t excluded. The bible says that what we call oxygen is actually God’s life given to his creatures. We learned from the creation story in the Holy Scripture, that when God created man, he was a lifeless object until he breathed into his nostrils his spirit, it was there and then man became a living soul. Life is borrowed therefore you should value and live it with caution, maximizing every moment of the privileged opportunity.

Christian Liberty Part I: Giving Others the Freedom to Be Different

Should Christians: Celebrate Christmas? Participate in Halloween? Go dancing? Drink alcoholic beverages? Get a body-piercing? Smoke? Play cards? Read Harry Potter? These types of question are what Romans 14:1 calls disputable matters or opinions. They are the secondary issues, the non-essentials, the gray areas. In Part I of this article on Christian Liberty, Dr. John H. Harbison unfolds what Romans 14:1-12 has to say about these disputable matters.

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