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The Christian Life – Three Powerful Principles, Part 1

The Christian living is summed up as orchestrated by faith in God’s word, enriched by the grace of God and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. You’ll find peace and joy in your Christian life once you learn to live one day at a time and surrender completely to the guidance of God’s spirit. Whether you’re just started out with the Lord or have walked with him for some time now, here are three powerful principles to live by.

The Best News At The Worst Time

Many millions do not, and may not ever, get the Gospel message. They may, indeed, be much too blessed in their living circumstances to need the miraculous rest that only the Lord Jesus can provide. Others who’ve had their lives torn to shreds, though, are ripe for Divine picking…

The Loneliness of Christian Discipleship

This is a thing that so many will struggle with. Jesus requires that we pick up our cross and follow him; both to the heights of the Mount of Triumph and to the depths of the Valley of Tribulation. There truly is no middle ground. We have not one without the other. We must, if we’re to be located as true disciples, accept both realities – to be loved by God, but hated by certain humanity.

The Higher Self

Who is your true self? I thought I was my true self.

Energies Awakening Part I – Understanding Universal Energy

Energies Awakening is an in depth exploration of the attributes of universal energy and its application and utilization as a tool of creation and healing in our lives. Included is exploration of the attributes of universal energy and its inter-relationship with spiritual beliefs and healing arts. The information included in this series can easy be applied to any religious philosophy and alternative healing approach.

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