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Journaling the Coincidences of God

Journaling is a great tool to find subtle nuances in your life. You will see opportunities where you did not see them before, which will contribute to your success in revitalizing your prayer life. Your prayer life will become more colorful and vibrant. You will see your life unfold in colored pictures versus black and white. You will have a variety of shades of color like what you would find in a paint store. Soon you will be able to string together a number of subtle differences that you felt were unrelated or disconnected before. Your journaling and prayer life will stimulate deeper conversations with the people you are in relationships with, as well as with strangers you may meet.

Christians Become Accountable Through Journaling

By journaling, we can be vulnerable to God and ourselves. You can learn lessons through the movement of the Holy Spirit working in your life. God will challenge you to live a life worthy of His calling. By being accountable to yourself you will be taking full responsibility for your actions. You will feel empowered when you discover the secret that being accountable to yourself, equals choices and outcomes.

The Real You Vs The False You

Most of us think we know who we are. Some of us think we are our careers. Others their lifestyle. Yet others attribute who they are with their physical bodies. But is this all we are? Are we more than what we see and experiences with our senses? You may be surprised to learn the answer. Find out the truth to this answer and more in this article that uncovers to a greater extent who you really are.

The Art of Letting Go

Have you ever noticed how the more you try and control your life, the worse it seems to get? Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like you are banging your head against a wall day in day out? This article will share some insights as you seek to understand what it is that causes this to happen. Some suggestions will be offered on how you can overcome this so you can start moving your life in the direction that is best for you right now.

Find the Best Spiritual Companion

A prayer journal can be your spiritual companion that will unfold insight, wisdom, challenges, and hope. A journal can always be with you and taken out when needed. You can glean out wisdom and advise as you reflect on past entries but you can also write advise for your own future formation. I encourage you right now to adjust your journal entries so that you are not only writing about your daily events and feelings.

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