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Scripture and the Authentic You

Journaling can start with thinking about your favorite scripture. Once you have picked one then rewrite the scripture on a blank page without lines. Engage your imagination by thinking of pictures, colors, and actions.

Psalm 71 – A Mind of Youth When Reflecting In Mature Age

When I was 32, the year before the passing of the millennium, as it approached, I became very reflective over the time that I had lived thus far, back then. 1999, and the few years previous, were a nostalgic time. I actually wrote a book on those reflections and had only one copy made, because it was a personal warts-and-all memoir to that point…

Numerology and Free Tarot Horoscope

Tarot card reading and numerology are entirely different. Each of them is important in their own different aspects.

Poor Dagon! And He Was Poor, As Is Every Other False Concocted God and Idol

Poor Dagon… And he was poor. He was actually worse than poor in as much as he did not exist, and that is the same with regard to every other false god. They do not exist and yet people turn to them and hold to them. Isaiah has much to say about the value of idols whether they be made of wood or stone or of anything else. all they can do is totter and fall and smash. This was what happened to pathetic Dagon and there was a very good reason as to why this happened. When a man serves the risen and living and ascended Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that man can find security and direction and guidance and forgiveness and mercy and grace.

Universal Mind And The Power Within You

We are all connected within one universal mind. Each of us is a bundle of energy linked to an infinite source of universal energy. We all come from this same energy source because this energy field IS everything in existence! Every particle, energy wave, and force that we know of is derived as an expression from this basic fact. We all are one.

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