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The Faith in God As the Mystery

The belief in God’s Mystery is a new current of religious thought within Christianity, sometimes called nullitheism. It maintains that the supreme object of worship demands the believer’s full acceptance and relinquishment of all traditional ideas and concepts.

Christian Meditation: Learn to Meditate

Christians can get closer to God by meditating on his Word. It is a simple process that leads to a stronger spiritual relationship with Him. The techniques you learn can help you accomplish more in your day to day life easing the stress this world causes.

Plan A

How do you imagine the plan in your life to be evolving? What do you suppose your function on earth is, and is there in fact A Plan for your life? Let us imagine…

You Are Your Life

Have you ever wondered how the universe works? Have you ever questioned why one person see an event or situation one way and you see it another? This article introduces the reader to a new perspective of who we are and how we interact with the universe. We explore how every thing in our day to day lives is but a reflection of us. This life changing information is a must read for everyone.

Does God Punish?

Where did we get the idea of a strict old man somewhere in the clouds watching our every move, ready to render severe punishment for every stumble and fall? This essay examines the concept of God and Punishment.

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