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Why Humility Is Important

Humility is a much neglected virtue in the modern world; everyone wants to be a ‘winner’ and the implicit assumption is that nice people finish last, that understating yourself is a strategic mistake, and that humility, basically, is for wimps. Like the virtue of ‘meekness’ it is perceived as a negative virtue for those lacking what might be termed, colloquially, ‘bottle’. This, I think, is a serious mistake and arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of what humility is.

Receive Your Healing (Part 3)

This is the season of healing! God is still in the business of healing the sick. He wants you to enjoy good health.

Isaiah 54 – The Promise of Eternal Peace

What do we picture when we think about peace? The opening to Isaiah 54 presents the image of space, in many ways congruent with concepts of peace the Israelites would have understood – a geographic peace. The recurrent theme throughout latter Isaiah is brought also to bear here. Here is the proclamation of redemptive peace…

Four Types of Ministry

Have you ever thought about the four types of ministry people do for the Lord? Maybe you never realized there are that number, perhaps believing there were more than that. What is important is not the number but where is your ministry within these four?

Funny Hats, Royal Robes

As a Catholic, I am embarrassed by the recent “coronation” of Cardinals in Rome. The appearance of all those red robed men in funny hats and little slippers certainly did not project the real picture of the church to which I belong. A church founded by a poor carpenter in Nazareth and whose purpose is to serve the poor and marginalized of the world is poorly represented by this garish display of royalty.

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