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Christian, Learn the Will of God for Your Life – Daily Meditation

Have you been wondering if God could be calling you to be a priest or a nun? One of the best ways to discover the will of God for your life is daily meditation, a way of listening to God in His Word. Here are 4 steps to knowing the will of God for your life…

Simple Devotion to Jesus

In II Corinthians 11:3 Paul calls on the Corinthians, and us, not to neglect the “simple and pure devotion to Christ.” What does this mean and how do we do it? In this article, Dr. John Harbison unfolds what this devotion is and how can refuel that devotion in ou rlifes.

Prayer Is Flexible and Fun

Journaling is flexible in time, style, and outcome. The beauty of journaling is that it is so flexible that you can easily apply it and modify it to your unique personality and lifestyle. How you will use journaling, is as limitless as your imagination. By being creative, you will develop a fun way to journal and enjoy all the flexibility it has to offer.

Reconciling Sin, Guilt and Shame

Sin is a problem for everyone, but it presents a particular problem for Christians in the form of guilt and, to a lesser extent, shame. Despite the fact of grace – the unconditional forgiveness of sin – we will still struggle with memory for our past sin, thought of our present sin, machinations of the sins of our future, as well as contemplation for the price of our sin; no matter how much we are told we are forgiven there is still thought, occasionally, for what our sins might cost us at Judgment.

3 Tips For Living Life Exceptionally Well As A Follower Of Jesus

Before you even begin absorbing the content of this brief article, I would suggest that you bring before Jesus something like this: “Lord, you know I desire to live well. And, you know I desire to live well with you.

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