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Doubting the Existence of God

Real religion is way more than giving our intellectual assent to a slew of dogmas. It is more like believing in your son or daughter, or trusting in life or goodness or love. If doubts arise, as they surely will, don’t suppress them. Welcome them; live with them and follow your heart.

God Speak Through Dreams (Night Vision)

If you have been wondering if God really speaks to us through our dream, I can tell you assuredly YES! It is very common that God speaks to men through dreams, especially when we do not LISTEN by reading His word – the Bible. In His sovereignty, He can talk to a man through dreams to give the man a clear understanding of His will, without doubting.

Looking For Something to Believe In? How About Yourself?

Do you need a relationship with God in order to believe in yourself? Many people do and it seems that most religions support the idea. Who and what is God? When you believe in the manifestation of God, you believe in you.

NLP Therapy – What Is It and How Is Neuro Linguistic Programming So Effective?

NLP is a very effective therapy. It can help alleviate or even eliminate many problems or issues that some people can suffer from for many years, such as stress, depression, low self esteem, phobias and all forms of habits. Whatever it is that is holding you back and impinging on you enjoying a happy and carefree life, NLP will help. This is the first article in a series that will explain what NLP is, how it works and later articles will offer some self help guides.

Where New Personalities Go When The Earth Becomes Overpopulated

This article deals with the exponential expansion of population and what happens when the earth reaches its limits to support all of the new births. It explains the relationship and co-operation between the physical parents and the psychic consciousness component suppled by the Soul/Entity, to activate and complete a fully functional human being (fetus).

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