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Who Jesus Is – Part 1

The question, as well as the answers, will be explored here…and hopefully, the things we’ll discover together will help enlighten us all! It’s pretty simple…but it’s pretty complex, too. And it’s totally AWESOME!!

The Dipolar Wonder of God’s Love

We can love beyond our rejections. Indeed, not only can we protect those rejecting us by many varieties of betrayal, we can protect ourselves in the power of God. Nothing can harm us if nothing can reject us; all this because of the power in God’s love, for his acceptance diminishes the power of any rejection. Such love crushes the evil and fear within betrayal.

The Kingdom Of God

There are many mysteries associated with the kingdom of God causing a lot of people to be misled in an effort to find it. Jesus came to reveal to us what it would take to make it in. I find it rather interesting that when people die, we immediately assign the right to the kingdom of God to them by expressing with the acronym “RIP”? We come up with statements such as, he or she is in a better place, God took him/her etc. Regardless how the person may have lived, it could’ve been out rightly contrary to the Holy Word of God in the scriptures, somehow we assign them to the kingdom of God. Let’s explore briefly what the bible says.

Understanding Astrology Readings

In order for you to understand Astrology readings you will have to understand the basics of Astrology. To put it very simply Astrology is designed on different beliefs that astronomical phenomena have a direct relationship on events in our world.

Traveller Psychic Readings

Traveller psychic readings are a special kind of psychic interpretation that is done by a medium that has the ability to leave their body and travel to other places. These gifted mediums can see into the future of what is about to happen because they can travel in their minds or in their dreams to the future and see for themselves what is about to occur in your life.

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