Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 719? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 719 😬

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Understanding About Spiritualist Mediums

Before you can understand a spiritualist medium demonstration you have to understand what mediumship is and what a spiritualist is. The term mediumship is used to describe people who are said to have the ability to communicate with the spirits of people who are dead.

Ascended Masters – Merlin the Magician Helps You Reconnect With the Magic Within

The Master of Alchemy is ready to help you shift from within beginning with your energy. Heed the call within as you go within your own actions, thoughts and emotions. Remember, energy is everything and everything is energy.

What Is Spirituality and How to Have a Spiritual Experience

What is spirituality? This is a koan in itself because spirituality is beyond the intellect. So anything that can be said in words about what is spirituality is going to miss it.

Angels – Malkhiel Is the Angel of Inspiration

You need only ask Angel Malkhiel to help clear the way allowing Divine Inspiration to fill you from within. Inspiration is an emotion, a sense of validation trusting that what you are receiving.

God Loves You This Much

The love of God is not based on what we have, what we do, or what we achieve in life. His immense love is not determined by our behavior, our attitude or our conduct. The love of God is not dependent on our personal background, our birth status, or our social standing. God’s love is not influenced by anything that we do in and of ourselves. In all of creation His love is like no other.

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