Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 721? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 721 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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The Significance of the Scroll in Revelation 5

Is there significance regarding the scroll in Revelation chapter 5? It is possible that the scroll has much significance since John becomes so distraught when no one can be found to open it. How does the opening of the scroll affect you?

Angels – Archangel Raphael Will Help You Have Courage to Heal

Healing is allowing your heart and your mind to be open to new experiences, stepping beyond your comfort zone. The purpose of healing through forgiveness is releasing you from being caught in a cycle of exchanging negative energy with someone else.

The True Believer’s Prayer

Within the Christian faith there is often much a ruckus about nuances of theology, flavours of doctrine, and variants of the way to ‘true’ discipleship. Whoever is right, and whoever is wrong – especially on debates, ethical – perhaps only God will know in the end. What is maybe a sad post-modern view is true to the extent of one thing: When we battle over doctrine we forget grace.

I Know God Is Calling Me to Be a Priest, Now What? – Overcoming the Last 3 Obstacles

Are you ready to take the final steps to be a priest? Not sure what to do next? Here are the last steps to following God’s call to be a priest…

5 Constant Hindrances to Knowing the Will of God, And How to Stay Free

Does your vocational discernment feel like it’s taking forever? Find out what’s slowing you down and how you can get back up to speed in knowing God’s will for your life…

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