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Journey From Freedom to Knowing If God Is Calling You to Be a Priest – Overcoming 3 Obstacles

If you’ve been telling God, “Show me your will, and I’ll do it,” but still aren’t sure if He’s calling you to be a priest, here’s what could be getting in your way and what you can do about it. Read more…

What Mediumship Can Teach Us

Mediumship can teach us to see and understand things which we cannot see, feel, touch, hear or taste. It teaches us that there are essentially other senses that we can tap into and use to understand our world, our feelings, and the way we react to things. Sometimes we have not got a clue why we get frightened when we see a lizard, or why we are nauseated when we smell certain smells.

The Philosophy of Soul Immortality: Part II

This earth plane is a training school while the soul experiences through a physical body, and we learn life’s lessons while here, but over many lifetimes we perfect ourselves, or enter a deeper harmony with the Divine. So we come to realize who and what we really are in the grand scheme of reality.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Life: Why Are You Here?

The approximate “age” of a soul is oftentimes indicated by the very nature of the questions asked in the life. For example, when one asks of themselves “What is the purpose of my life, and why am I here? ” Well, rest assured we are considering an older soul here, rather than a younger one.

At Peace But Ever Searching

The Irish rock group sings “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” That’s us too. No matter what we have, we still yearn for something beyond us. One of life’s great secrets is to accept ourselves as we are in all our short comings while we continue to strive to go beyond ourselves.

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