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Genesis 1:2

Genesis 1 verse 2 reads: “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” But what does this mean. On the one side you could easily say that Genesis 1:1 is a summary verse and starting with the above verse 2 begins the detailed view of how God created the heavens and the earth. Yet when you dig a little deeper into you discover something very interesting, namely that verse 2 when viewed from the Hebrew meanings of the words reads: “the earth became confused, void, and in undistinguishable ruin. Misery, destruction, death, and wickedness was over the abyss”. Where did that information come from? Let’s find out and more importantly if it is true what are the potential implications with our understanding of the order of God’s creation?

Genesis Study – Who Is God – Who Is Satan?

In our study in the book of Genesis we have will be studying the first of many including the first: creation, the first man and woman, the first marriage, the first human sin, the first murder, and more. But it is important pause for a moment and take a quick glimpse of the 2 primary forces, on opposite spectrums, that are at work in our world. The first is God and the second is Satan. Who is God? Who is Satan? In this next article in my series in Genesis we will pause for a moment to learn a little more about God and Satan.

Vibrational Frequency In Your Body

Have you ever been around a situation where one person shares an unfortunate experience? Something as simple as the car not starting or as sad as relative being diagnosed with illness.

Are You Addicted to Misery?

In society, there is an addiction stronger than any drug addiction. An addiction to misery. The daily news, the internet, the social media, tv and other types of information are full of examples of misery designed to capture our attention and revel in it.

Mind FULL or Mindful?

Have we put intelligence on a pedestal? There is an insidious cause of suffering in our society. It is people’s overuse of their minds. Instead of being mindful beings, many people have minds that are full up!

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