Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 725? ๐ŸŒŒ The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 725 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Choosing Between Spiritual Life and Death

Denial is a self-protecting behavior that kills us spiritually. To begin to heal, we must admit the problems we face for what they are. We need to see that the emotional pain we are in right now can become one of the most valuable assets we’ll ever have.

Pathway to Nirvanic Peace

No one will ever achieve the surrender or non reactive state by listening to any enlightened person talking about this way of being. This state or energy level can only ever be achieved by taking the very same steps that the enlightened person needed to take! This article is an explanation of the necessary steps every spiritual aspirant needs to take in order to achieve the enlightened energy state for their own self!

Why Beleve in God?

Everyone of us believes in something, whatever that something may be. It could be a higher power, a spiritual entity, a higher self, a super energy or force or a god. We may not publicly acknowledge this fact but within each of us, there’s that intuition for a spiritual relationship. Human history and civilization bear this undeniable fact through archaeological discoveries, artifacts and writings. At one point in my life, I was like any other person, lost in religious ceremonies without the knowledge whether God really exists. My prayers were words spoken to the air with no real expectation of a reply.

The Experience of Life – Through Growth and Demise – Eutopia on Earth

You are now experiencing other things. The others before you, on this land, have taught you to go to school, to pay bills, to be nice even when you don’t want to, to be quiet instead of loud, to sit still instead of dance, to tell yourself you can’t when you clearly came desiring the experience of can.

Are Thoughts Real? Do They Create Life On Another Scale?

This article explains how thoughts carry their own limited, generalized consciousness and how they achieve independence once they have been thought. Thoughts do create a certain kind of life, not like a living human being, but they do have a limited self awareness, and once they have been created they go their own way and will manifest as an event or object in the Earth’s physical system of reality or another system more appropriate.

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